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Kaltis support

Kaltis® Support

Advanced Refrigeration Technology

Please click on each red block in the diagram below for detail information.

Advanced Refrigeration Technology High Cascade Condenser High  Cascade Compressor fan High Cascade Filter Dryer High Cascade Capillary Tubing High Cascade Evaporator High Cascade Super Heater and Accumulator Low Cascade Compressor Low Cascade Oil Separator Low Cascade Filter Dryer Cascade Heat Exchange Low Cascade Capillary Tube Low Cascade Evaporator Low Cascade Refrigerant High Cascade Refrigerant

High Cascade Condenser

Large heat exchange area, ensuring system stability when running in extreme conditions to achieve the temperature after the door is opened.

High Cascade Compressor

  • Specialized compressor with an efficient lubrication system. Achieves high compression rate
  • Low noise and vibration levels.
  • Minimum clearance, maximum displacement with same horsepower; Maximum refrigeration capability with minimum heat dissipation.
  • High efficiency.
  • Designed for the lowest energy consumption.

High Cascade Refrigerant

HFC R507 refrigerant. For low temperature applications.

High Cascade Lubrication

POE lubrication, customised formula. Maximum miscibility with refrigerant and chemical stability


A large fan guarantees rapid air circulation.

High Cascade Filter Dryer

Efficient design, keeps the system clean, ensures uninterrupted refrigerant flow and prevents pipe blockages.

High Cascade Capillary Tubing

Approaches 100% efficiency, allowing even, uninterrupted liquid refrigerant flow. Produces stable and specified pressure and temperature drop.

High Cascade Evaporator

Large heat exchange area ensures an efficient high cascade system, completely removing heat from the low cascade system.

High Cascade Super Heater and Accumulator

Increases high cascade refrigeration efficiency, preventing liquid refrigerant from entering into the compressor.

Low Cascade Compressor

  • High compression rate, self-lubricating system.
  • Low noise and vibration levels.
  • Optimum efficiency to horsepower ratio.
  • Low energy consumption.

Low Cascade Oil Separator

  • Custom designed for our cascade system.
  • Separation efficiency greater than 99.99%.
  • Optimised evaporator heat exchange efficiency extends compressor life.

Low Cascade Filter Dryer

Efficient design, keeps the system clean and ensures uninterrupted refrigerant flow, preventing pipe blockages.

Cascade Heat Exchange

Proprietary design. Removes heat from the storage chamber by transferring the heat transfer? from the low to high cascade.

Low Cascade Capillary Tube

Delivers refrigerant to the evaporator which surrounds the cabinet interior. Allows liquid even refrigerant flow which results in a controlled pressure and temperature drop.

Low Cascade Evaporator

Wide radius coils and down feed configuration facilitates refrigerant flow. High conductivity material increases heat transfer from the storage chamber.

Low Cascade Refrigerant

HFC R508B green refrigerant is more efficient than R23. This results in energy savings and extended life.

Low Cascade Lubrication

Custom formulated POE lubrication provides optimum refrigerant miscibility as well as chemical stability.


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