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Kaltis support

Kaltis® Support

Minerva™ Microprocessor Controller

Minerva™ microprocessor controllers provide system control, electronic, alarm and monitoring functions. Minerva™ guarantees the highest level of sample protection.

Minerva™ constantly scans ambient conditions and the refrigeration systems. Iinformation is immediately sent to the controller, ensuring optimum temperature control and minimum power consumption.

Prime Series

Please click on each icon on the controller panel below to see its function.

prime series microprocessor controller Scroll for function parameters Setting Adjustment buttons Membrane Keypad I/O Key I/O Indicator Alarm Indicator Alarm Mute Alarm Test Temperature Deviation Power failure Door Ajar Compressor Controller Environmental Climate Monitoring Clean Filter Condenser Control Voltage Monitor Circuit Breaker Battery Alarm LN2/LCO2 Backup system

Membrane Keypad

To enter and display all settings, parameters, and alarm history. Settings are user-settable and password protected. Can also be set with the optional Personal Identification System.

LN2/LCO2 Backup system

Optional, factory installed. Must be specified with order.

Battery Alarm

Sounds depending on the power status. Battery alarm will sound after a power failure.

Circuit Breaker

Protects the freezer electrical system.

Voltage Monitor

Monitors and adjusts post-regulator voltage error.

Condenser Control

Monitors condenser status and adjusts when necessary.

Clean Filter

Monitors filter performance, ensuring correct condenser efficiency.

Ambiem Monitoring

Monitors ambient temperature to maintain stable freezer running conditions.

Compressor Controller

Automatically adjusts the interior and exterior temperatures when compressor performance is compromised. Extends compressor life.

Door Ajar

Monitors outer door status: When open for too long , or not properly closed, an alarm will sound.

Power failure

Lights up after a power failure.

Temperature Deviation

Lights up when the chamber temperature is over range.

Alarm Test

Tests the visual and audio alarms.

Alarm Mute

Mutes the alarm.

Alarm indicator

Displays alarm events.

I/O Indicator:

Displays freezer parameters on start up.

I/O Key

  • 4 digit password security
  • Stops or starts freezer by keying in a 4- digit password.

Setting Adjustment buttons


Scroll for function parameters

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Minerva™ Microprocessor Controller Prime Series Features

Intelligent Self-Diagnosis (I.S.D)

System controller monitors and displays the operating parameters and makes any adjustments, should this become necessary.

Digital Display

Easy to read, multifunction LCD Digital display.

Audible & Visual Alarms

Automatically activated by an alarm event.

Automatic Delay Restart (ADR)

Auto restart delay: Ensures on line quality after power failure, decreases power loading, and protects the compressor.

Voltage Monitor

Monitors voltage

Amperage Monitor

Monitors current in real-time.

Real Time Clock (RTC)

Built in time clock: Displays the alarm time and highest temperature.

Event Recorder

Records alarm, temperature & time

Auto Restart

Automatic restart and system re-set after a power failure.


  • Standard - (4 digit password)
  • Optional- Personal Identification System

Heavy Load Mode

Automatically activated to decrease compressor load, extending compressor life.

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